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Burning Fiction
From from the ashes of previous ska punk and hardcore bands, the five guys that make up Perth's Burning Fiction came together in late 2005 to play the kind of fast, melodic punk rock that they were fans of. Burning Fiction self-released their debut EP, %u201CMaterial%u201D in 2007 which has since brought with it a string of international support shows over the years with some of the bands who have influenced their sound such as Strung Out, A Wilhelm Scream, No use for a Name and Lagwagon. Bringing honest, fast, trend-free punk rock to a thriving Perth scene, Burning Fiction entered Sovereign Studios to record their eleven track debut album with Aidan Barton. The recording captures the intensity and enthusiasm of five young guys having a good time playing the style of punk they live for. The album titled "Don't Lose Touch" will be released on independent punk label PEE RECORDS June 2009